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Installing Linux

Update: This post was for Ubuntu 11.04, I updated my system to 12.04 and it is still working perfectly.


Well, I just changed my computer. My old MacBook pro got its logic board burned (damn macs!)

Searching for a new laptop I decided I wanted to buy a MacBook pro of 13″ or a new m14x Alienware. Well, my decision was easy, apple, for some reason, sells computers in Europe at the same price than the US but in Euros, that means: a US $1200 computer becomes a EUR$ 1200 computer =  US $1700 … kind of expensive for what you are buying. Does anybody knows why? Is just for making more money? Is because of the taxes? Is because apple is now an evil corporation? I would appreciate if anybody knows…

Well, then, I needed to install Linux. I didn’t check anything before hand because I thought:  “Who in this world would make a computer incapable of running Linux?”… well… what a surprise! As a matter of fact, the Alienware laptops have a HUGE problem when you are installing Linux, I tried installing Ubuntu 11.4 as any normal person would, but then, after restarting something strange happened to my monitor: half of the monitor was black, the other half was white with small black stripes. The reason? You don’t want to know… nvidia optimus does not work for linux and Alienware bios do not allow to disable optimus (thanks alienware and nvidia, you fucking rock! )

But everything is not bad, thanks the FSM for internet. I was not the first person having this problem (obviously) and there was a “madman” who was capable of installing linux in his m14x, I will be following his guide and will write about how everything goes.

The guide: Linux installation thread

here’s how i did it.

Install ubuntu x64 11.04 with the power adapter unplugged.

when you will have to reboot, if you are lucky you will see the interface, when i got the screen display issue i had, i had to shut down completely and wait then open a terminal and do the following.

How To Update Ubuntu 11.04 Kernel To 2.6.39-0

This will install the 2.6.39-0 kernel. You will reboot, then get the bumblebee project.

you will do sudo apt-get install git

then do the following

git clone https://github.com/MrMEEE/bumblebee.git

then go inside the bumblebee directory and do

sudo ./install.sh and follow the instructions 

when you get promped for which laptop to use, choose 1 which should be the L502X.

then, to use your applications with the nvidia card, run optirun32 or optirun64 application name

If you are going to do it, read the whole thread, it is not long and in it they also talk how to fix the USB3 and other stuff

Well… just to end, to madmantm: tank you! to Dell (Alienware) and Nvidia: grow up! Some people need linux… ok?

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    I liked your article is an interesting technology
    thanks to google I found you

  1. August 12, 2011 at 9:15 am

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